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Win-Spy Review

Win-Spy is the Spy Software that can monitor Mobile phone, Remote PC and Local PC

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Our Win Spy review is aimed at users who are looking for the best laptop spy software and need some help making their choice. If you want to find out how to spy Android from PC, this Win Spy review is just what you need. Stick around and find out how to monitor an Android device without leaving your computer.

What We Liked

We want our monitoring software as wide facility range as possible, and Win-Spy definitely meets this criteria. If yu can think of any monitoring feature, Win-Spy likely already has it. Our favorites are:

  • Android feature that allows you to monitor any device. In Win Spy you can find both rare and common monitoring facility that is super easy to use;
  • Computer facility that lets you monitor any Android phone using just your PC;
  • if you’ve always wanted a spy app for PC that doesn’t cost a fortune, you’re in luck, because Winspy is a very affordable piece of software at just $39.95;
  • When you’re using monitoring software like Win-Spy, support is very important, since you can run into difficulties using some unfamiliar feature. At Winspy you can expect the support to solve your issues very quickly. Plus, there is a refund feature at Win-Spy that lets you get your money back in 30 days.

What We Didn’t Like

  • We’ve spent ages working computer monitoring software reviews, which is why we clearly know what we’re talking about when we’re saying that Win Spy software doesn’t have any major disadvantages.

Introduction to Win-Spy

Like any user, before choosing particular software to monitor an Android device, you want to find out about every feature and facility offered by the app. In case of Win Spy, the most noteworthy feature is the stealth technology. This facility gives you an opportunity to monitor an Android phone without the risk of the app being detected. The stealth feature, along with the many other features offered by the app, makes Winspy the #1 computer monitoring software.

Why Do You Need Win Spy Software?

The benefits of using an Android monitoring app for computer include the following:

  • Listen to conversations and surroundings through the microphone;
  • Take as many screenshots as you need;
  • Get full access to emails, bookmarks, browsing history, chat history, etc;
  • Monitor your family members and employees with just your computer.

The complete Winspy package costs $39.95. The package consists of a full monitoring facility, remote access to 10 PCs, an Android tracking app, and a local computer installation. If you’re looking for an affordable way to spy on anyone, this should be your software of choice.

How to Monitor a Computer with Win Spy

There are three main ways for you to spy on a PC.

  1. Remote access to the webcam – spy on the webcam in real time using Internet Explorer;
  2. Remote operation of the microphone – no matter where you are, you can listen to the surroundings. Note that this feature can only be used for legal purpose, as it can be viewed as an invasion of privacy;
  3. Check chat conversations – find out what’s going on in Skype, Facebook, G-Talk, ICQ, AIM, and other popular chat services.

Additionally, there is a nearly endless range of spying capabilities. The facility variety available to you includes remote PC shutdown, email access, remote installation and managing of files, PC usage logs, locating a stolen PC, and dozens of other features.

Tracking an Android Device

Win-Spy also allows you to track Android mobile phones and tablets. The feature range available for mobile devices is not as extensive as it is with PCs, but instead you will find two very useful and rare features: recording of calls and recording of surroundings. We can definitely say that these features are not currently included into too many spying apps, which is why you will enjoy using your spying software even more. Apart from that, you will find all usual capabilities, like SMS tracking, social media tracking, location data, browsing history and emails, multimedia files, and contacts.

Price for Win-Spy

Advantages of PC Spy Application – $39,95.
PC Monitoring Software – $39,95.
Cost of Win Spy

How Can I Be Sure Win-Spy Will Work For Me?

This monitoring app has over 200,000 users, and nearly all of them are very satisfied with the quality of software. You can monitor any computer or Android phone with confidence. However, if you don’t like the software after having used it for a couple of days, you can always exercise your right of the 30-day money back guarantee and receive a full refund. Still, we are pretty sure that you’re going to be very happy with Win Spy and won’t need the refund offer at all.

Customer support

In order for users to get complete satisfaction and experience smooth and effortless software operation, an app should have comprehensive customer support. This is where Win-Spy shines: with the help of its knowledgeable tech staff you will have all of your questions answered in a matter of minutes. The support is available 24/7, which is very convenient for users who live in different parts of the world. Customer service can be reached at [email protected], all other questions and concerns should be sent to [email protected].


In our review we wanted to give our readers a clear idea about the application and whether it’s a good choice of spying software. In conclusion we’d like to say that we are pretty satisfied with Win-Spy, and we believe so will you. This application has everything you need in terms of spying and tracking; it’s quite easy and convenient to use; it’s super affordable compared to the other offers in the market; the customer support will help you resolve any issues; in the rare case you’re not satisfied with the results of using the app, you can get a complete refund within 30 days from the purchase. Given all that, and taking into account our prior experience with other spying software, we can definitely recommend Win-Spy to anyone who is interested in this kind of software.


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