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TrackMyFone Review

TrackMyFone Review


Link to their website:

The Good: Understandable and modern interface makes it easy to explore the app.

The Bad: Without doubt, pricing – when you can get the same features for $69.00, paying $149.00 for this app doesn’t seem like a smart thing to do.

The Bottom Line: If there were no alternatives to TrackMy Fone, we might consider recommending it; otherwise, you can do better.

How TrackMy Fone Works

We’ve done some thorough testing of TrackMy Fone, and here is what we found. Its range of capabilities to track someone’s phone is rather decent, particularly if you’re interested in remote parental control above anything else. With the help of this app you can monitor text messages, calls, email activity, browsing history, social media use, and statistics. All information is presented in helpful charts and graphs, so you can easily visualize the data. There are even some blocking features: for example, you can restrict access to certain service or web pages like google or even applications on the target phone. Plus, there is even an ability to lock the phone for any period of time.

As for the drawbacks of TrackMy Fone, the biggest one is that not features of the app are developed equally well. For instance, while you can get a detailed idea about the text messages exchanged from the target phone, the GPS tracking location does not work as smoothly and effectively so sometimes you won’t be knowing where targeted phone is located. A lot of customers come across one malfunctioning feature of the app and abandon it altogether, because using an app you’re not 100% confident in.

If money is a big concern for you and $149 seems like a lot of money, you might be better off purchasing a more affordable app like Auto Forward. In addition to the high price, TrackMy Fone has another big drawback – the large number of bugs: from installing issues to usage troubles. Judging from customer reports and our experience, bugs can be in every section of the app, from texts to GPS, and from call logs to statistics.

Customer Support

We’ve seen a lot of concerns about TrackMy Fone’s customer support, so we decided to run our own testing. Out of 5 tickets we placed within their customer care system, the average response time was more than 1,5 days, which is unacceptable for such a sensitive issue. Plus, whenever we tried calling the phone number posted on the website, we were greeted by a robot claiming no one could answer our phone at that time, which were business hours. As you can see, customer support service is not one of TrackMy Fone’s strong suits.

Prices for TrackMyFone

Android Premium:

  • 1 month – $29,99;
  • 3 month – $39,99;
  • 1 year – $69,99.

6iPhone No-jailbreak:

  • 1 month – $49,99;
  • 3 month – $39,99;
  • 1 year – $99,99.

Prices for Trackmyfone

Performance and Stability

If we were to rate the stability of the app, we would give it 5/10. If you’re looking forward to using a spying app that delivers 100% of the time, TrackMy Fone won’t be your first choice. Even with the easiest task of all, intercepting text messages, we experienced big delays and an overall unsatisfactory user experience. When timing and quick response are crucial, TrackMy Fone cannot be counted on. Other features, such as call records and GPS tracking, were also far from perfect, and even when they did work properly, there was nothing too exciting about them, especially compared to other, more advanced apps.


Like we said, if TrackMy Fone didn’t have any competition in the market, we may have considered recommending it to an average user. However, with the variety of affordable and stable apps in the market today, paying almost $150 for an app that doesn’t always deliver the quality you’re looking for, is not something we would recommend. Even if you’re looking for basic capabilities, you can get them for half the price and without the annoying bugs.

Visit their website:


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