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The Auto Forward Spy App: Power versus Responsibility

Can you spend your day without your mobile device? Have you ever though that your best helper may be a bugging device? You may have no idea that other people or organizations are monitoring your messaging and calls. This is shocking, but a spy software may attack every person’s apparatus these days.

So, every individual can either buy or download a free piece of spy software and then attack your phone regardless of where you and the attacker are. If you are online all the time, you are a perfect target for such an offense. To get more details, follow the story of Mr. and Mrs. Smith (the names are changed) that illustrates the point that being secure and having a private space is something worth considering seriously.

At first, Mr. Smith purchased a cheap cell phone from a small online store and then got an app for about $70 that allowed him to see the texts, record the calls, and even track the whereabouts of the device that was miles away from him.

You may wonder what that app was. There is not a secret, you can also google the Auto Forward Spy program created by a US-based company. The specialization of ILF Mobile Apps Corp. is gathering information and data, along with developing security apps. The features of the program enabled Mr. Smith to get the same amount of information as any governmental or detective agency could. How does this sound to you?

To figure out more about the app mentioned above, read about its characteristics. First, it is designed to grant an individual an access to the apparatus that this person does not possess. Second, since the app works using the Internet connection, a target phone can be located anywhere. Third, an app user can display the data on various platforms as the software is compatible with PC, most mobile phones, and tablets. Fourth, apart from texts and calls, an attacker can collect social media posts and replies. For sure, Mr. Smith was pleased by the emerging opportunities.

You can also get the program to ascertain that it is even more invasive than you might think. For example, you can decide to try an app to know what your colleague is up to. However, if you want to stay in good relationship with him or her, it’s better to test the app together. In other words, warn your friend about your experiment, because you will get an access to personal, private information, including even pictures and forum posts.

We surprisingly found out that the Auto Forward Spy with the Take Picture feature enabled us to take a picture using the smartphone’s camera and then sent it to our phone, the one that we used to spy. This may sound unrealistic, but your colleague will not notice that you have done such a thing. So, you can command a phone that you are monitoring to do something and get the result of that action. Of course, you cannot take a picture if the camera does not work or there is no special software to complete the process. However, even an inexpensive gadget can do a lot these days.

Things are getting creepier and creepier as a spy, Mr. Smith in our story, can listen to what is being discussed around the phone. To put it simply, he can activate a microphone remotely on his colleague’s device and hear everything that people talk about near it. The quality of sound depends, but usually, you will easily understand everything without efforts. So, this looks like 007 technologies in action.

However, the ethical issues remain because it does not seem right to retrieve all the activities on a chosen device without the permission of its owner. For example, Mrs. Smith would be very angry if she realized that her phone was monitored. The effect is similar to having that phone in your hands and doing whatever you want to do with it. Moreover, you can track the occurrence of the phone and, therefore, its owner, which look like a privacy violation. This tool is perfect for stalkers, like Mr. Smith, who want to track their spouses, children, and colleagues.

Getting All the Personal Information Remotely: New Technologies in Action

Today, every individual can become a spy because the technologies are everywhere and most people are online days and nights. The fact that everyone is under surveillance today is concerning for many people while some individuals do not mind because they consider such a situation as a part of the general culture.

It seems that both governmental and security structures should be allowed to use such a software legitimately. Additionally, most parents would benefit from monitoring their children, e.g. to know where they are, what they purchase online, and with whom they communicate. Possibly, business owners should control the use of corporate devices during working hours. The problem is that many people use spy mobile programs for personal reasons that are often unscrupulous. Although this looks like a human nature, people should be able to assure their privacy.

There are plenty of screenshots of the Auto Forward Spy app interface available online. The device logs include SMS, call, calendar, installed apps, open apps, email, contacts, browser history, and GPS logs and tracking. The shocking fact is that the deleted information can also be extracted and accessed by a spy.

The information is accessed quickly and conveniently. It is being updated constantly and the time delay is usually a few minutes. It looks like only authorized persons should use such a powerful tool or else important information may leak to the wrong individual and cause a big trouble. For instance, Mrs. Smith may have a fight with her husband about spying on her.

Being a Spy without Having a Special Permit

To sum up, the Auto Forward Spy has the high-quality features. It is perfect for spying on iPhones as well. If the device is online, a spy can look through the gadget, communication, media, live media, and some other logs. A remote connection to the target device is stable and convenient, so more and more users want to try this app and find out something interesting about another person without his or her permission.

So, if you suspect that your device is being monitored, you should stop using it and replace the phone if possible. Another way is to uninstall this software by resetting your gadget to default settings or changing the number. However, the aforementioned may not work out, so double-check afterward. You may also employ the tips and guidelines on how to use your phone safely and ask a mobile security specialist for more options.

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