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Text message tracker for iPhone and Android

SMS tracker apps for iPhone and Android

Modern children often hide from parents when tapping something on the screens of their phones and mobile devices. Any parent wishes to know what his kids do communicate about. Any employer would love to know what do his employees text about during their working time. Here is what a hidden sms tracker is created for. If you want to find out what is the SMS on the targeted phone about, text message tracker app will help you out. The only thing you should do is signing in to the account of your text message tracker for iPhone or Android devices.

Is it important to spy messages? We live in the era of innovations and top technologies when everyone is so busy that doesn’t even have a single minute to waste. Unfortunately, with the technology growth, we watch an extreme increase of cybercrimes as well. It was the only reason for amazing developers to create sms tracker apps in order to spy text messages. Such apps for Android and iPhones are really helpful for spying activity, while they allow using sms tracker without target phone.

Text message tracker helps investigators and detectives monitor any suspicious activity, and that’s a good way to prevent terroristic acts; contributes to the country protection and delivers all the text messaging of the victim immediately to your phone.

You can download such an app from site.

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What are the functions of sms tracker?

SMS tracker review shows that such apps for iPhone and Android have a lot more functions than simply monitor call or sms, including:

  • Possibility to track up to 5 phones simultaneously. It’s very convenient when you, for example, have more than one child.
  • Give access to both inbox and sent messages on the target phone, as well as to their date and time.
  • Read the content of all the messages, including those sent or received by Facebook, Viber or Whatsapp.
  • View all senders’ and recipients’ numbers and names.
  • You have all the messages uploaded to your control panel, and can access it wherever you are if there is an internet connection.
  • Access to the calls information, their time, date, duration and names of contacts.
  • Total access to the phone book on the target phone.
  • Access to browser history.
  • Get a picture each moment when a user unlocks his phone and see who actually is using it at that moment.
  • Track location if the user has Android device.
  • Get notification when the SIM-card is changed.
  • All your tracking activity is totally invisible for the user.

The Android users have a chance to install one of the best spy apps, a hidden sms tracker Android. You can install it in two ways – by typing its name in your device webbrowser, or download it to your PC and transfer to the target phone via USB or Bluetooth. In case the device is locked, you can open it with the help of the Bluethooth scanner. This feature is available after you buy the spy app. That’s really amazing that the phone owner will never notice it, while the tracker is invisible.

All such trackers give users a chance to spy messages, and, moreover, monitor anything happening on the target smartphone. They give access to GPS location of your kids and you get an alert when your kids uses certain keywords in the browser, i.e. “sex”, “pregnancy” or “suicide” or when his sms contain such words.

The employers have a chance of tracking the email transmissions and websites their employees visited.
The possibilities of the spy apps are totally unlimited.

SMS tracker for iPhone

Sms tracker for iPhone is a perfect solution for people worrying about their beloved or children. They allow you reading messages even after they were deleted. The app is totally invisible; it detects anything when being in a stealth mode.
You don’t need to jailbreak that app; it is absolutely easy in use.
Moreover, you can use it even without having a target phone. You have a chance of spying texts and any information on the iPhone.

Benefits of spy text messages

There are lots of benefits of spying text messages, but the main ones include:

  • Protect your children from contacts with wrong people and getting involved into unwished activity, while kids very often cannot avoid hidden traps.
  • Check the loyalty of your spouse, fiancée or boyfriend/girlfriend by hacking their text messages.
  • Find out what do your employees communicate about behind your back. A good way to manage your office team.
  • The voice recording option, which almost any tracking app offers, is very helpful, while you can know whether someone is not talking to you on behalf of another person.
  • One of the advantages is that you can use such an app without touching the person’s phone, you can use different tricks offered by the app.
  • The apps can improve your relationships, both with children and better half, as well as your personal life

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