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SpyBubble Review

SpyBubble Review

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SpyBubble has been in the market for several years, positioning its app as budget-friendly and simple. However, the marketing campaign claiming that SpyBubble is a powerful monitoring software is overhyped. In fact, there are many affiliate websites endorsing SpyBubble. All of them turned out to be cheap PR pages that didn’t provide any value to the reader. In short, the app is not recommended for monitoring.


The list of features provided at the website includes call and SMS (message) monitoring, logging, access to social media chats and email, URL history and photos tracking. It is stated that the app sends out alerts on prohibited actions, i.e. approaching a restricted area. However, even the most basic features do not always work, which makes SpyBubble a very unreliable software. Besides, the app icon appears on the desktop of the targeted gadgets. It means that SpyBubble does not operate in a stealth mode and should be avoided.


SpyBubble offers a location tracking capability. The app allows you to see where the owner of a target phone is in a given period of time. This feature is useful for parents willing to learn about roundabouts of their kids. Unfortunately, this feature does not work well.


When it comes to blocking undesirable content or call restriction, SpyBubble is not the best choice. The app doesn’t have a blocking capability.


Customers have many complaints when it comes to support. There is no contact phone nor address of the company. However, SpyBubble spy seems to have a live chat, which never goes online. Hence, it is impossible to get any immediate support. Furthermore, all the issues regarding refunds are not handled properly. Customer support team does not give any information regarding reports, except for delaying those.


When compared to other monitoring app, SpyBubble offers the cheapest prices on the market. You will have to pay $49.95 for a 3-month subscription. However, it’s quite likely that the app won’t work properly, so you may just waste $50.


There is a free demo version of the app available. Another positive feature of SpyBubble is its extremely low price.


Negative features of SpyBubble outweigh positive ones. First, the app is not easy to install. Also, it does not operate in a hidden mode, so you won’t be able to spy on anyone without letting them know about it. Note that even the basic features don’t work sometimes, so there is no guarantee that you will be able to get any necessary information. If you need technical assistance, most surely you will get standardized answers to your requests. Finally, if you are not satisfied with the app, you won’t get a refund as the company provides inferior customer service.


SpyBubble claims to be compatible with iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other phones. However, there are no details regarding the versions of operating systems supported.


Since some important features don’t work, while customer support is very limited, SpyBubble is not recommended for monitoring purposes. Don’t be lead astray by cheap prices and many affiliate websites, promoting the app. SpyBubble does not provide good customer service, so it will be very hard to get your money back.


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