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Social Networking Safety Rules for Children: A Phone Spy App Application

Today, people are used to posting almost everything that they are concerned with online. However, teens and kids also share everything that comes to their minds using their smartphones, which is not safe, so parents try to monitor what their children write in social networks. This is where mobile spy software becomes handy. It helps the adults know what is happening and explain young folks the significance of smart posting and being responsible for what they write.

In truth, all the parents should instruct their kids on how to use their smartphones that have Internet access, what information to keep personal, and why everyone should follow the safety rules. Installing a spy app on your kid’s device may be a wise decision if you take time to choose the right one. For example, the Highster Mobile is a program worth your attention.

The bit of advice below is important for kids to follow, so teach them these basic rules:

  1. Do not share your home address.

It is unsafe to share it on the social media profiles. Your kids should understand that their friends know what their address is and how to get there while the others do not need to know that at all. It also makes sense to hide geotags on the posted photos and avoid adding descriptions to the posts with locations.

  1. Avoid posting your pet’s names.

In truth, this bit of advice is not straightforward. Most people like posting and viewing images and gifs with pets. Animals are very cute, so no one understands what the danger is. So, people often use their pet’s names as answers to security questions and as passwords. You should explain to your child that scammers could easily use the posted names to get access to personal accounts.

  1. Hide a phone number.

It is recommended to give a phone number only to those people who you know in person. You should explain to your children that posting their contacts online does not help them make more friends. Instead, they may attract the attention of individuals with bad intentions. The same rule applies to sharing an email address and other social network contacts.

  1. Unable a ‘Check In” option.

For some reasons, teens like to check in everywhere they come, including school, cafes, sports stadiums, museums, etc. They think this will help their friends meet them. In reality, there is no need to inform everyone you are and with whom. You may advise your kids send private messages to their friends or else about everyone finds out where they are.

  1. Keep private life private.

This seems obvious to adults, but youngsters do not think much about the fact that their private life should stay offline. Online friends do not care much about their feelings, so there is no point to post content full of emotions, feelings, and so on. This is a kind of a good habit, so encourage your kinds to follow this rule.

The phone spy app by Highster Mobile will help you examine the social networking of your children and make that environment safer for them.

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