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PhoneSheriff Review

PhoneSheriff Review

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PhoneSheriff software monitor is a parental control app incorporating many valuable features. Just like Mobile Spy, NetOrbit and SniperSpy, the software is a product of Retina-X Studios, LLC – one of the leading companies in the spyware market. Not long ago, the company enhanced some features to improve the performance of PhoneSheriff. As a result, the app does no longer operate in a stealth mode and works only on jailbroken Apple devices.

Phones Supported

PhoneSheriff software is compatible with Android (2.1 – 5.1.1) and iOS (3.1.3 – 9.0.2) based phones and tablets. It can be installed on every mentioned version.

Prominent Features

Since PhoneSheriff investigator is marketed as a parental control app, it has several valuable features in this niche:

  • Call logging
  • Blocking certain phone numbers from texting/calling
  • Accessing photos and contacts
  • Reading SMS, message, emails, instant messenger chats
  • Locking the target device for certain time periods, i.e. from 9 pm till 9 am
  • Blocking websites and applications from view and usage on your child’s phone
  • Sending out panic alerts, i.e. when a child approaches a dangerous area (geo-fencing)


The app offers a location tracking capability. However, to monitor device someone in real-time, the targeted phone should be GPS-enabled. Also, a strong signal is essential for such an investigation.

Note that if your carrier is Verizon, you should make sure to subscribe to its GPS services. Otherwise, investigator won’t be able to software monitor locations.

Customer Support

To contact the company, you can open a ticket and tell them about your questions. There is also a Live Chat, so you can get an immediate response, which is very convenient. However, there is no official address and contact phone, which may be important if you need a refund.


  • PhoneSheriff offers a wide range of features for effective parental monitoring: geo-fencing, content filtering, blacklisting, call restriction, etc.
  • The app is compatible with major brands of cells phones and tablets and can be installed on each of them.


  • The app operates only on jailbroken devices
  • There is no free trial nor a monthly package. The minimal subscription is 6 months
  • PhoneSheriff investigation does not operate in a stealth mode, which often irritates teens. They don’t like being monitored.
  • To track a user’s location in real-time, you need to activate GPS service and make sure that the signal is strong.

Price/Quality Correlation

PhoneSheriff investigator offers only two subscription packages: for 6 months ($49) and 1 year ($89). The price is quite affordable, especially taking into consideration all the features that you get. However, if you are not happy with some features/overall app performance, it will be hard to get your money back. Moreover, if you fail to jailbreak the targeted phone, which means software won’t be installed, or if your child resets the settings, no refund will be issued. The company has a very strict refund policy, so it is extremely hard to get your money back.
Cost of PhoneSheriff
Checking packages for parents and parental control:

  • 6 months license – $49;
  • Single-year license – $89.

Checking package and employee control:

  • Single-year license – $299.


PhoneSheriff software is a good alternative for parental monitoring activities as it offers many useful features. However, the app does not operate in a stealth mode, so your kid will be constantly reminded that he or she is being spied on. Furthermore, the app can be installed only on jailbroken devices and may stop working after a full reset.


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