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Phone Detective Review

Phone Detective desktop

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A phone detective is a very special kind of software that allows you to check everything that is happening on the target device. This tool can be essential for many categories of users; mainly those who want to lookup the smartphone activity of their loved ones or employees. Today, in our cell detective review, you will find out whether you need this software and how to make the most out of reverse Phone Detective

What We Liked

  • Selection of features: every spying feature you can imagine is likely already included into reverse Phone Detective;
  • Reverse lookup facilities: a very user-friendly interface allows everyone to check, report and record all kinds of information. All it takes is 30 seconds of your time!
  • Technical support: when you’re using a cell phone detective, it’s very comforting to know that you have someone to address your concerns and answer your questions.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Unless you live in the United States, you can be rather disappointed when you learn that reverse phone number spy contains only US-based contacts. However, if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re definitely going to be pretty satisfied.

What Exactly Is Reverse Phone Detective?

Phone Detective Pro is monitoring software that gives you an opportunity to locate any United States number. This cell phone lookup spy has an extensive database of numbers, where you can lookup information on any number you’re interested in. The phone detective database contains all existing phone numbers of individual users and businesses, as well as basic information on every number.

As many reverse phone reviews already said, one of the best things about this tool is that it promises complete anonymity. No one will know about your search history or which numbers you’ve tried to lookup. Your own number will never be disclosed to anyone. Plus, you can do a reverse report by entering a name and seeing whether it’s attached to any number.

Why Do I Need Reverse Phone Lookup Spy?

This useful phone tool can help you in a number of different ways. Here are the most popular reasons for using reverse phone spy.

  1. Protecting your child. If you’re suspecting your child may be texting with a complete stranger, you can easily find out who he’s talking to and whether this person has a criminal record.
  2. New people in your life. Use this phone tool to check your own acquaintances, new employees, neighbors who’ve just moved in, and anyone who seems suspicious to you.
  3. Disturbing calls. If you’ve been suffering from late-night calls from a stranger, use this genius detective phone tool to get a complete record of the caller’s identity.
  4. Yourself. Have you always wanted to know what kind of information is attached to your own phone number? Now you can use this cell phone detective to learn everything about your footprint.
  5. Fake number/name check. If you’re suspecting someone of giving you the false name or fake phone number, get all available information about that person with the help of this spy tool.

How To Use Phone Detective For Free?

In order to perform a free lookup of the number you’re interested in and find out what information is linked with the number, you can run a free checkup on the Phone Detective’s homepage. If you’re doing a free report, you will only see the basic information like location, name, phone model, and date of birth. If you want a more complete record, you’ll need to purchase the software. Given that this is one of the most accurate reverse phone lookup tools, your money is going to be well spent, and you’ll finally know everything.

Reverse Phone Detective Full Information

Once you’ve paid for the software and run the number you want to find out about, here are the aspects you will learn immediately, in addition to the ones you’ve received for free:

  • Cell carrier
  • Type of number: landline or mobile
  • Relatives and neighbors
  • Other phone numbers that belong to the user
  • Social media profiles
  • Previous home addresses
  • Information on previous arrests

As any Phone Detective reviews would have said, this selection of features is more than enough to convince anyone that this software is worth every penny. Another valuable feature is being able to see who is searching for your own telephone number.

How Much Does Reverse Phone Detective Cost?

If you’ve decided to use this spying tool, you have two payment options. The first option is a full report on just one number that you can do for $9.95. The other, more preferable option is a full Premium Membership. Full membership for one year costs $29.95 and allows you to perform unlimited searches on an unlimited amount of telephone numbers. Given the variety of basic and additional features, this purchase can be a pretty good investment, especially if you often look for numbers online.
Cost of PhoneDetective

Can I Get My Money Back?

Any cell detective reviews often mention the refund policy offered by the company, and this review is no exception. Although it is highly unlikely that you won’t be satisfied with the results you receive, in case you want to get your money back, you can use the money back guarantee, which will grant you a 100% refund for the purchased software.

In case you have questions or concerns about reverse Phone Detective before using it or after you’ve already tried searching for a telephone number, you can always contact the customer support. The help staff will do their best to help you get the best user experience, so before you decide that you’re unsatisfied with the product and want a refund, talk to the customer support and see if they can resolve your issue.


We’ve spent the last couple of years researching and testing various kinds of spying software, so we can speak with confidence when we’re say that this tool is one of the best ones currently offered in the monitoring market. Besides the usual features like name, location and phone model record, you can also get a full record of the person’s identity and activity. Now, if you’re suspicious of your new acquaintance, want to avoid a fraud while selling a car or buying a house, or wish to protect your children or loved ones from the dangers of texting and having phone conversations with a stranger, you know what tool to use. Having put dozens of other apps and programs to the test, we can definitely say that reverse Phone Detective is one of our favorites.

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