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mSpy Review

Ultimate monitoring tool for all devices - Mspy

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Smartphones have become such an irreplaceable part of our life that we have already forgotten when it all started.  Today, people cannot imagine a day without their digital friend and it’s not so bad. Really, smartphones are very helpful and they make our life easier. However, there are people, children and employees who use their smartphones for wrong purposes. That’s why a necessity of monitoring smartphones using various tracking applications appeared. Sure, spying on the one you love is bad, but unfortunately in some cases it is the only way to ensure that your kids are in safety, your spouse isn’t cheating on you and your employees are loyal to your company. Read this article in which I review mSpy, sometimes called MySpy, and I bet that by the time you finish, you will have changed your mind.

Latest Update!

In this review I will explain how mSpy software works, what features it has, and why it is considered to be one of the most reliable monitoring programs. I want to ensure you that I have mSpy app installed on my iPhone and Samsung device and made all tests on my own. I am telling you this because there are reviews on mSpy from people who have never used it. Information that you’ll read in this article is based solely on my experience of using mSpy app. So, let me begin my story and you just read my mSpy review till the end.

mSpy App Offers New Features!

mSpy software's features

  • no Jailbreak. Now, this app doesn’t require to jailbreak an Apple device. You can install the program on a targeted device and all you need is the user’s iCloud credentials;
  • this feature informs you about all things that a user types on the device such as messages, login details, or password. Earlier it was available only on Android devices, but now you can use it for Apple gadgets as well;
  • keyword alerts. Now you will be informed about all alert keywords that a user types through messages, web search, or emails. Notifications will be sent to your email;
  • Google Hangouts. This new feature allows you to track all messages from Google Hangouts. You receive information about all text messages, GIFs, photos, stickers, maps, and the list of contacts;
  • Tinder Tracker. It is a favorite dating app among teenagers and thus it certainly needs checking. If you want to protect your kid from sexchating or cyberbulling, then you definitely need this mSpy feature;
  • Line Chat Messenger. This tool allows you to track regular and hidden chats on Line Chat Messenger. Both mSpy iPhone and mSpy Android versions are supported;
  • monitor chats and contacts on Telegram;
  • uninstall Alert. This feature informs you if mSpy software deleted from a target device.

mSpy Test

There are plenty of reviews on mSpy, but in this one I will discuss the most complex details about mSpy software. Whenever someone reviews mSpy, they are usually very brief about it. To begin with, this monitoring app has its own place in the large market of app monitoring programs. The secret of mSpy software success is the customer-centric approach. This program has such a great diversity of features that it can satisfy the needs of any customer. That’s why there are so many mSpy reviews which state that mSpy is one of the best monitoring programs today.

Compatibility with Other Devices

mSpy is available on the majority of popular platforms. Before installing mSpy app on a device you should ensure that its operating system is congenial with the software version. You can do it yourself or visit the official website where you can find out whether the target device is supported with mSpy version.

Mspy - smart parental control. Know your kids better

mSpy Advanced Features

The majority of monitoring software has almost the same basic features. You can find a lot of mSpy reviews dedicated to the standard features of mSpy app. Now, let’s review mSpy advanced aspects. You will be glad to know that even deleted or unread messages can be tracked via mSpy. You will receive information about the time the message is sent and you still can read it even if the user deleted it immediately after receiving.

Access to the Advanced Features

To access mSpy advanced features you need to root your android device. If a target phone is an Apple device it will have to undergo a jailbreak first. You need to do it before starting using the advanced features. In other case, some of the functions may not work properly.

Opportunities You Receive with mSpy Software

mspy phone spy review

  • Read chats on messenger apps. You can easily read all chats from such messengers as Facebook, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, Instagram, I Messages, and some others. You can check the full list at
  • Blocking the Call. You can create a blocklist of phone numbers which you want to block. The owner of this phone number will not be able to make a call to a user. This feature works perfectly for parents who want to protect their teen children from unwanted communication.
  • Blocking the Websites. You can block the websites which you think to be not appropriate for your kids.
  • Blocking the Mobile Applications. Now, you can decide which applications your kid can install and which he/she cannot. You receive information about all apps that your kid installs on the phone and if you don’t like some of them you can delete or block them.

Control Panel Features

You can manage some features from the control panel.

  • Data Fetching Details. You can set the way you want to receive information about the user’s activity; it can be made via Wi-Fi or any other cellular data plan. It is very important because if you use the user’s cellular data plan too often, he or she may have too large bills, which will look suspicious. You can set the reporting interval so that you receive notifications only a couple times a day or only when there is Wi-Fi connection.
  • Security Feature. You can lock or unlock the target phone when you want. You can also manage any data on the smartphone and wipe it at your will as well as delete any applications. All these operations you can perform from your control panel.

Something Else you Need to Know?

mspy softwareBeside the standard customer support, at mSpy they also offer the premium support service that is responsible for technical issues. They will help you to root or jailbreak the device. They also ensure that you install the required mSpy iPhone and mSpy android versions on a target device. Hence, the premium support service guarantees that you will not have any technical problems and if some appear, they will always fix them for you. This service is not free and you should pay 29.99 dollars for it, but it is worth the money if you don’t want to manage all technical issues on your own.

Of course, you can do it all by yourself, but if you just want to use mSpy software as soon as possible, then such small investment is a perfect solution for you. In mSpy customer reviews some people write that they simply did not have enough time to learn about the specifics of mSpy installation and were glad this kind of service was available.

You will be glad to hear that mSpy software doesn’t require jailbreaking of IOS devices. So, if you have always found jailbraking difficult, now you can forget about it. All you need to do is take a target device and install the mSpy program. That’s all, no jailbreaking or other complex operations that are mandatory for other monitoring programs.

Now, to start monitoring a smartphone, you need only to install software and get the Apple ID and the password of the user’s device. Besides, the target user should have iCloud installed on the smartphone. This service is absolutely free, so you can install it by yourself, if it is absent on the device. Once you complete all these tasks, you can start monitoring all messages on a target device. Moreover, you will also receive phone calls logs with call duration and time. Monitoring features also allow you to check a browser web history, notes, events, and saved images.

More Details you Need to Know

Money Back Policy. If the program does not satisfy your expectations, you can request your money back. This policy works during 10 days after you paid for the app. I strongly recommend you to read the terms and conditions first to avoid misunderstandings.

Customer Support. Before you make your final decision, you can contact customer support and ask any questions you want to dispel your doubts. At they have both live chat and free calls.

Try Demo. Demo version is a great opportunity to test the program before buying it. You will not have all features, but the majority of basic features will be available for you in a demo version.

Pricing Policy

mSpy offers two types of subscription – Basic and Premium.

The Basic Package includes some common monitoring features like tracking calls, reading messages, GPS location tracking, access to browser history, and others. Some people wrote in their mSpy customer reviews that this was more than enough and the Basic Package was able to satisfy all their needs.

However, if you want the extended spying opportunities, you need to pay for the Premium Package which includes spying on Messengers’ chats like Facebook, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp or recording phone calls.

Here is the price for different subscription types.
prices for mspy
mSpy Phone

  • 1 month – $29,99;
  • 6 months – $59,99;
  • 1 year – $99,99;


  • 1 month – $69,99;
  • 3 months – $119,99;
  • 1 year – $199,99;


  • 1 month – $69,99;
  • 3 months – $119,99;
  • 1 year – $199,99;

mSpy Desktop:

  • 1 month – $29,99;
  • 6 months – $39,99;
  • 1 year – $69,94;

Family Kit:

    Mobile Family kit

  • 6 months – $359,97;
  • 1 year – $479,97;

Desktop Family kit

  • 6 months – $119,97;
  • 1 year – $167,97;

Bundle Kit:

  • 1 month – $84,99;
  • 3 months – $135,99;
  • 1 year – $229,99.”>Mspy - #1 Phone monitoring solution

1-month subscription will be good for beginners who want to test the application, while the longer subscription will suit for parents or business needs where the long-term monitoring is required.

Can I Trust Them?

See what others can't see with powerful mobile monitoring software - Mspy That is a correct question to ask and you have a right to doubt in a partner with whom you have never worked before. However, if you look through mSpy customer reviews which are numerous on the web, you will find out that this company has been operating for many years. If it was scum, you would easily know about it because of the numerous complaints from customers. If you still have doubts, here are some facts that will change your mind.
The company exists more than five years in the market. The majority of scum companies usually operate no longer than 1 year. All payments are done with secured processed methods. For example, you can pay via PayPal or a debit card. They have money guarantee policy. You can contact them via phone or send a message. Finally, a lot of positive feedback remove any doubts.

Is This Software What I Need?

mSpy is the best choice for everyone who requires effective monitoring solutions. Whatever tracking purpose you have, this program can satisfy it in full. It will be good to monitor your spouse, children or employees. You will receive detailed reports about every action that a user makes on the device. So, nothing will escape from you. mSpy is a perfect choice if you are looking for a credible monitoring company with a wide range of features. The premium support team will help you and guide you through every step, making your usage of the program an incredibly easy and simple thing.

Start Using mSpy Today

I tried to make it one of the fullest and most detailed mSpy reviews, so that you could evaluate the advantages of this monitoring software. I hope that you’ll find this review helpful and the information that you read here will be useful when you decide to choose the monitoring software.

I recommend mSpy because it has existed for over five years in the market and it has already proved its effectiveness. You can find lots of mSpy customer reviews which will say the same thing. Everyone who reviews mSpy agrees that this program offers a lot of functions which are able to satisfy any customers’ demands. Besides, the price for subscription is average comparing to other monitoring applications that exist today in the market.

So, don’t waste your time and try mSpy (MySpy) today. Remember that you can try a demo version first and check the majority of features before you pay for them.

Get started now and experience all advantages of this incredible software!


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