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Highster Mobile Review

Download Highster Mobile, Install, Monitor

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Despite the vast number of Highster mobile reviews that exist on the web, I want to present to your attention my own Highster mobile review, where I will discuss the advantages that you receive using this software. If you have any doubts regarding installing phone spy and usage of monitoring software, this review will dispel all your worries.

If you are a parent, spouse, or a boss, Highster mobile app can satisfy any of your demands. It is a perfect solution for individual and business needs. This program is available on all popular mobile platforms and provides a great number of monitoring features.

Let’s inspect this software better and find out what exactly you receive with Highster mobile app.

Highster Mobile App Compatibility

This software is compatible with the majority of popular mobile platforms like Android, IOS, Blackberry, and some others. The full list you can check on the official website

Remember, it is crucial to check that the version of the target smartphone’s or tablet’s platform works properly with the Highster mobile software version. Otherwise, some features can be unavailable or work improperly.

Important Update

To check the compatibility of the target device platform version is compatible with Highster mobile software, you need to visit, where you can find the list of all gadgets that are supported by this program alongside with guides which will help you with installing phone app. So, just type the name of your smartphone or tablet and find out whether it is on the list. If you cannot find your gadget there, send a message to the customer support in live chat and clarify this issue.

The target device should also be upgraded up to the latest operation system version. If you don’t do this, then if the user upgrades the gadget after you have installed Highster mobile software, the program will be automatically removed from the smartphone or tablet.

One More Thing You Need To Know Before Installation Highster mobile app

If the target device is Apple, it has to be jalbroken first or the app will not work. If you install it on the Android gadget, the basic features will work, but some advanced functions will not be available. That’s why it is preferable to root the device to avoid problems with software performance.

Installation Process

Download Highster Mobile, Install, Monitor

To install the app, just follow one of these four different ways.

  1. Type “Highster mobile” in your browser and click on the official website page. Visit the website and find Buy Now Button. After that purchase the program and the download process will begin and you will get the latest version of the app.
  2. You can scan QR code of the spy software using your barcode scanner on the target gadget and the installation will begin.
  3. You can transfer the spy software files using USB cable.
  4. You can transfer files using Bluetooth connection. As you can see, installing phone spy app doesn’t take a lot of effort!

How Does Highster Mobile Work?

Highster mobile appAs soon as you pay for Highster mobile software, you’ll receive an email; your download link, license key, username, and password will be there. All these components are required for successful installation of the software on a target device.

The received username and password is necessary to enter on a desktop. For this purpose you can use any device like a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. Desktop gives you access to the accounts’ control panel where you can view all required information. All text messages, including the deleted ones as well as the images, mail, browser history, and other types of information are stored on the server. Hence, when you enter your desktop you can view any information at any time it is comfortable for you. The only thing that is a requirement is a stable internet connection.

What Advantages Do You Get Buying Highster Mobile App?

So, here we have reached the most frequently asked question which you can find in many Highster mobile Reviews – Why should I buy this software? Let me answer this question giving you some good reasons:

  • This program gives you access to all text messages, emails, messengers chats, mobile phone call logs, GPS location, stored files and many others;
  • All these features are available in one package, none of them has to be paid for additionally;
  • The application stays hidden to a user, so it guarantees that your monitoring activity will be a secret.
  • The installation is very fast. If it doesn’t go smoothly, you can always contact the support team and they will guide you through every step;
  • The customer support is available all day round. Just write a message in an online chat or send a message by email;
  • This application is a perfect solution for those who want to ensure that their kids are in safety or who needs an effective monitoring program which allows controlling employees’ productivity.

Features That You Get With Highster Mobile Spy Program

Now, my review has come to the point when I will discuss all features of this spy software. Let’s view each feature separately and define what advantages it gives to you.

Read all messenger chats. Messenger applications are the most often used for communication. Now you can get access to all chats on Viber, Skype, Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp. You also receive access to all images or pictures that are shared via these applications.

Tracking Phone call logs. You receive an opportunity to monitor all calls, incoming as well as outgoing. Due to this function you will always know with whom your kids talk or whether your employee uses their smartphones for something rather than business purposes. You will receive details about the time of a call and its duration.

Monitoring snapping text conversation. Today, text messages is among the most popular ways of communication for teenagers. Due to Highster spy app you can read all messages, even those which are yet unread or already deleted.

Know about GPS location. With this function you will be always aware about the location of your kids. You’ll get a detailed report of the places a user visited during a day. Besides, you can set the alarm location and each time your kid enters a forbidden zone you will receive a notification by email or by any other way comfortable for you.

Live control panel. One of the advantages of Highster Mobile comparing to other monitoring applications is its simple and friendly design. The interface was designed in such a way that any user can understand how it works. You can make all necessary operations from the control panel. You can also manage the display option and set time triggers. In other words, everything which is necessary for your comfortable usage of the program.

Get access to photos. All images which are saved on the monitored device or shared on social networks are now available for you. Photos, selfies or pictures are stored on the server. You can view them whenever you want even if they were deleted immediately. You also receive information about the exact time when a photo was made or when it was sent.

Check the browser history. Due to this feature you will always know what websites your kids or employees visit. This feature is useful for parents who want to prevent their children visiting the unwanted websites. In addition, you can block the access to some websites, so your kid won’t be able to visit them. Besides, this tool can ensure that your employees don’t spend time on visiting non-professional websites.

Track email activity. Get access to all messages that a user sends and receives via email. As always, the deleted messages are also available for you.

Check the list of contacts. You get access to the list of contacts from the monitored phone. If the contact includes information about birth date or house address, it will be shown to you.

Lock and unlock the phone. You won’t believe, but this spy software gives a control over the target phone. Due to this function you can lock the mobile phone at your will. You can also block the unwanted applications so your kids won’t upload or use them.

Delete the unwanted apps. With this function, you will be able to delete applications from the monitored phone at any time. The best part of this feature is that you don’t need to have a target phone to do it; you can manage it from a distance. That’s very comfortable because parents can control what applications their kids install and delete the unwanted ones at any time.

How Much It Costs?

Now, we finally come to the most interesting question. So how much should you pay to get this mobile spy app? The first thing I want to mention is that you only need to pay for one subscription package. Many other mobile spy applications have offers where you need to buy a subscription for a certain period of time; for example, three, six or twelve months. A mobile spy app form Highster has nothing like that. You need to pay only once; there are no basic or advanced packages. There is only one price and it is 69.99 dollars. That’s all! No additional charges or monthly subscriptions. You pay once and receive a lifetime license for this spy program.
Cost of Highster Mobile Android
Android: $69,99+Extended Download Warranty $29,99+Premium Support Package $129,97 = $129,97

Cost of Highster Mobile IPhone
iPhone: $69,99+Extended Download Warranty $29,99+Premium Support Package $129,97 = $129,97

Does It Really Work?

There are a lot of Highster mobile reviews which describe the functions of this app. But you may wonder why should you trust them and whether it really works as it is described. I want to ensure you that all functions that I talked about in this review really work because I tested them on my own gadget. I also want to mention that the interface of this app is very simple and you will easily understand how it works. If any questions arise, you can always contact the customer support. I also checked this feature and I admit that I received an answer very quickly.  The company really cares about its customers and you will not regret this purchase.

My Conclusion

Summing up this review, Highster mobile spy program is a perfect solution for parents who want to keep their children away from unwanted communication or for business purposes to ensure that your employees do their work well. Whatever goal you have, this program can satisfy any of your needs. If you still have doubts, you can try their free demo version. It doesn’t provide access to the majority of features, but at least you can get familiar with its operation. Besides, it is free, so you lose nothing.  You can find the Highster mobile free download link for demo version on their official website. Try it and I bet that you will buy it the next day!


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