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Getting to Know Cell Phone Spy Apps and Their Distinctive Features

The bottom line of employing cell phone spy software is that people demand information form either Apple or Android devices. Definitely, Android devices make up the biggest part of the devices used and their variety is truly remarkable. On the contrary, Apple gadgets are not so popular, but still many individuals prefer iOS and features offered by iPhones. Either way, three of four people will have an Android device, so it is reasonable to start with how to spy on such devices.

Watching Android Mobile Phones

Most experts agree that these phones are easy to monitor because of their vulnerable security system. Many well-developed apps can help you collect data from an Android phone without a physical contact. There is no need to possess the gadget nor stay near it since the program establishes the connection via the Internet.

Auto Forward Spy is one of the programs worth your close attention. You will purchase the app, not a subscription plan, so that all the options will be unlocked for your benefit. The cost is about $ 70 and for that price, you receive the following services:

  • Remote connection to a goal phone
  • A User Control Panel that works from your PC, tablet, or cell phone (you require an Internet connection to use it)
  • A full report of what comes about the monitored device.

Another important feature to use is an easy set up process that includes the following 3 steps:

  1. Buying a program and getting a confirmation email with your username and a license key which is also your password (come up with your new parole later).
  2. Downloading the app by using an over the air link; entering the key, your target phone number, and additional info.
  3. Using the app: monitoring the aim device from your mobile, PC, or tablet; reading texts; recording calls, and locating the phone’s owner using GPS.

To close up, the app provides you with a pleasant experience without any actual work. However, without following the instructions and guidelines, you may fail to set up a connection to the goal device, so stay focused and wait for the first logs’ update. Auto Forward Spy has detailed guidelines and even video tutorials to check if needed. So, it’s helpful to get started by studying the aforementioned materials and visiting the app related website.

Watching iOS Mobile Phones

Unlike Android phones, iPhones and iPads are more complicated to track and they have to be jailbroken or else you won’t manage to install a chosen spy application on them. Since Apple takes security issues more seriously, hackers and attackers have more complex security measures to overcome when it comes to receiving private data from such a device. Nevertheless, there is a loophole.

The first solution is obvious: you should jailbreak the gadget, which often causes even more trouble. The second option looks more promising since you only require an app that can work on the iOS device. Different situations require different solutions. The one described below doubtlessly deserves the consideration of the beginner keekers.

So, welcome Appmia, a heavyweight app, that can do almost everything related to mobile spying. Users can use it with a jailbroken iPhone as well as pick another version of the software to monitor a target gadget remotely. Remember that the latter program version is useful only if you can take an iPhone that you want to track in your hands.

The latter option has a great advantage: you do not risk being exposed when your spouse, for example, takes you by surprise when you are installing the app on her or his device. The no-jailbreak program works almost as effectively as a jailbreak version, so decide wisely.

Choice #1: No-Jailbreak Application

This Appmia application designed to allow you access texts, call records, browser search history, GPS location logs, and some other kinds of information about what was happening on a goal iPhone or iPad. The capability of the app to extract information from the old versions of iPhones is remarkable. However, some complications may occur, e.g. the device’s hardware may not work as it should (this is possible if the device has been rooted unsuccessfully).

To set up that app, you require a password and Apple ID of the phone or tablet. After you enter them, the software will transfer the available information to you. Although this sounds simple, the developers performed great for making the app compatible with all the versions of iOS, including beta versions. Another detail is that the app is fast and useful. Moreover, they update the product, considering the users’ feedback from the website and comments and opinions of their support team.

Here, you can download the Appmia and shed the light on it.

Choice #2: Jailbreak Version

If you can take up a goal phone, you should try a jailbreak Appmia app. Most people prefer using this version, as long as they can access the monitored device. Obviously, this version will not work without a direct contact with a goal phone, so develop a plan how to get a device for, at least, 20 minutes and find a quiet place with fast Internet connection to complete download, installation, and setting.

To finish the installation and apply all settings, you may spend 10-15 minutes, so ensure that you have the right amount of time. The test of patience part is jailbreaking the smartphone. You should never interrupt or stop that process or else the app won’t work properly and the system may start performing with errors.

Your patience will be rewarded because usually the jailbreak version can retrieve much more data as compared with the former version of the app. Moreover, it will generate reports and share the results faster as it uses other communication channels and it will leave no trace to you.

The Usefulness of the Guidelines on How to Monitor a Mobile Phone

Having a good guide is helpful for every kind of users. The newbies will grind away to know the basics while the expert users will clarify important nuances and discover new functionality of a well-known product, so enjoy

  • A detailed and not tech-savvy guidelines on everything that is truly important
  • A fast, comprehensible set up procedure
  • Comprehensive information for users who need both an Android and iOS solutions
  • The newest information, updated when something new and useful enters the market.

Using This Guide for the Good

This guide is based on three main steps: choosing a mobile spy app, installing and using a chosen one, and monitoring the data from a goal device. To try such a software, different people use different reasons, such as spying on a mate, monitoring children, and supervising an employee. Typically, the reason determines what software to pick.

Reason #1:  Wondering What Your Spouse Is Doing

Your circumstances may be different, but many people truly want (and objectively need) to know what their spouses are up to. To help you still informational hunger, get a mobile spy app to read the messages, emails, and texts and listen to the calls of your second half.

So, you remain in the shadow and hunt for little secrets. If you know that your partner prefer texting, focus on finding an app designed to track messages at the first place. Not all the programs can give you access to the deleted messages, so you will not find out that you want by using such software. Besides, there is such a possibility only for a limited period of time until the deleted content is overwritten by other data. Therefore, the app should work 24/7 and generate reports quite often – you will always stay tuned.

Reason #2: Worrying about Your Children

Kids, especially teenagers, can make their parents insane. If you also have communicational issues, learn about your kid’s feelings using mobile spy software. By reading the texts and messages written by your child, you will figure out what he or she worries about. Most parents do not tell their kids that they spy, they carefully, wisely used the obtained data to make the right, considered decisions.

As a caring parent, you can follow the activities of your children to ensure their safety. Apart from reading the texts and recording calls, you may also track their location which is often very useful. The GPS (or location) tracking feature has a high accuracy, the location is determined within 50 feet or so and you receive 5-10 minute updates.

Reason #3: Preventing Theft and Dealing with Trust Issues

Use the modern technologies to figure out whether your staff is as loyal as they claim to be. A remote cell spy app is something handy in such a case. So, find the location of your employees during the weekdays and study the work-related content on their gadgets.

To fulfill your demand, pick a spy app that is the most popular, recognized one for remote tracking. For example, some apps work only with Google Maps. Besides, consider a how many devices you require to follow because sometimes you can choose a good deal by purchasing an advanced subscription plan.

The Vital Nuances of How to Trace Cell Phone Data

Step #1: Selecting the Correct App Version for Your Demands

Choosing the one spy app that meets your demands on tracking a cell phone may be quite challenging and will require some time and dedication. There is a set of great solutions described in detail and available online. Every piece of software has its own interface and special features that indeed matter.

Some developers claim that their product can do everything you need and much more while the others focus on perfect delivery of a single kind of service. Choosing both complex solutions and specialized versions has its advantages and disadvantages. Usually, it is reasonable to try some options of spy software to realize how they work before making a final decision, but most providers do not suggest trial versions. The exceptions are free apps useful to see such a software at work.

Anyway, cell phone spy apps have core features that usually include access to new and deleted texts, call records, location tracking, and social media information. As far as most users do not need other features, developers can offer something even more useful.

Either way, it makes sense to pick the program that can track deleted messages. Since people delete texts quickly if they want hiding its content, these texts may be the most important to you. So, you will require this option to reach the necessary information without a hitch.

To select something helpful, beneficial for you, use this checklist:

  • Read about the product: Read about the considered app on the official site, study a few independent reviews, and then read the comments left by the customers, paying close attention to the negative feedback.
  • Check the customer service: People must answer your messages and calls. You will make everything easier for you by selecting the provider that also offers other help options, such as how-to materials, video tutorials, and a contact form for questions.
  • Look for technical support (this is a must for a newbie, but also valuable for a pro): To learn how everything works out, you may need to select an app with a tech support provided.
  • Study the payment, subscription, and refund policy: Knowing your options allows you to find the optimal balance between rates and a number of options.

The Option to Think About

One of the acknowledged apps is the Appmia app, which can track messages in a remarkable way. This is a balanced deal for only a $ 70 purchase. It has every feature you need, it is affordable, and their customer team is really supportive. The app provides a perfect distant cell phone spy experience each time you use it, so check it and communicate with their reps.

Step #2: Installing and Working with Mobile Spy Software

So, choosing an app – done, payment confirmation – received, and you are ready to start the first stage of the installation process. The following information relates to Android devices mainly, so if you require iOS guidelines, check this material.

Typically, you need minutes to configure a goal device and apply the required settings. However, it is important to do everything needed and avoid skipping the confirmation questions. Although you can re-try to ensure that everything is adjusted fine, but truly speaking, there is not point to give it a second try.

Anyway, check the settings below prior using your app:

  1. Take your phone and enable it to allow all programs, included those downloaded from sources other than official app stores. To do so, check the “Allow from Unknown Sources” box.
  2. Allow it to bypass the mandatory app verification, e.g. check the “Disable Verify Apps” box.
  3. For Verizon phones, also check the GPS settings and configure them so that the app’s tracking system will send and receive data to/from the server to detect the aim cell phone. The aforementioned will enable you to see the device location on a Google map.

Some Android devices, along with most iPhones, should be rooted if you are in need of records from social media and emails. The rooting instructions are available on numerous websites. You may also ask the app tech supporters about your options. They will recommend you what kind of rooting software to use.

How to Install the App Considering All the Nuances

The installation process should be completed each step at a time. There are no small details: everything will work appropriately only if all the steps are completed and every setting is configured correctly, so get started by following these guidelines:

  1. Take your phone and find a browser icon (it is situated on the home screen of the gadget). For an Android apparatus, you can select a default browser or Google Chrome.
  2. Use the address bar (do not mismatch with the search bar) in the chosen browser by swiping down from the screen top with your finger. Next, enter the URL (link address) or a special code found in the email you have received after you paid for the app. Sometimes, you can access that webpage from your email app, which ensures that you enter the URL as it appears.
  3. Tap “Go” and download the app. Usually, you have two ways to complete the download. The first one is using your home screen that displays the downloaded files, so you find the app and tap to start the downloading. The second way is to locate the Downloads folder and tap on the file with the app there.
  4. Tap “Accept” and “Install” buttons when requested. Meanwhile, read all the messages and understand to what actions your confirmation leads. Some Android devices may require more actions to complete. For further details, visit the website of the software provider or search for assistance online. Although user interfaces are a bit different, basically, the installation process is identical for each device, so the required choices are made with ease.
  5. Activate your software by entering the license code or an activation key. You should allow communication between your gadget and the spyware server. The tech team often does a lot to assure that the connection is secured and data transfer is fast and reliable. The server transfers received information from an aim device to your computer, tablet, or mobile so that you could stay miles away and stay tuned, updated, and informed.
  6. Enter the tracking device phone number. This step is required by most spyware, including Appmia, Easy Spy, and Auto Forward Spy. The corresponding section is usually directly after the license or key code field. The number is used to accurately monitor the goal phone and send to you all the data extracted. An important nuance here is to remember add an area code. If you are monitoring a device outside the U.S., enter a code of the country too.

Note: The country codes and other useful information on phone number formats are presented here. Without entering the requested details about the phone number, the software will not work correctly or stop working at all.

  1. Get a message affirming that the app is installed successfully and up to work. Sometimes, difficulties may occur. If so, follow the instructions and advice provided to set the things up. In rare cases, you may require uninstalling the app and repeating the installation and rebooting your gadget. If you have trouble while connecting to the application server, you should go to the service provider website to check if the server is up or something is wrong with it, e.g. it is under a scheduled maintenance. Either way, the support team will help you complete the verification and installation process and explain your options further.

If you are here, the last thing to complete is deleting the downloaded installation file. You can find it by following the same guidelines as described above. These simple suggestions will help you remain your privacy. So, follow these guidelines to delete the app on your device:

  1. Open the home screen, find the Apps icon, and select it.
  2. Open Downloads folder.
  3. Find the file with an installation program, tap on it, and choose ‘Delete’ from the menu provided.
  4. Restart your device to apply all the changes.

Step #3: Monitoring the Target Device and Reading the Reports

Finally, you can enjoy monitoring the aim cell phone and learning more about its owner. The fun part includes reading texts, listening to the call records, tracking the device using GPS, getting the posts from the social media, and more. Everything is at your fingertips when you log in to your online account from any device to start viewing the information. Therefore, you may use any device and be wherever you require or want to be.

You should not bother using that account because it is almost the same as your online bank account. So, remember your log in details and enter them to access your account. The key difference is that your software provider generates these details. Most experts advise not to allow your browser to remember log in details.

Typically, your username is the email address, the one you used when paid for the spy program and the password is ditto the license key you have used to activate the app. The latter is generated by the provider’s system automatically. At the first time, use default settings, but later, you may think up another password so that you would remember it with ease. The sign in process is a typical procedure (using any device is fine unless it has an Internet connection).

A piece of advice: remember the login details using a password management software. However, you will be always able to copy them from the email sent to you by the company, therefore, do not delete it.

So, complete the sign in process and get into your app account. It is designed to permit users to study the information extracted from a goal device conveniently. If you have one of the apps mentioned above, the spying process will convenient and enjoyable. All the user data (actually the content generated by a phone’s owner) and system information (like data, time, number of calls, etc.) is well-organized and sorted to be reached in a few clicks.

Usually, mobile spy apps have a Dashboard, which is a structured summary of everything you may view for a particular moment. The latter depends on a few factors (visit more tech specialized websites for details) and different programs may have other limitations. Typically, you see the total number open apps, SMSs, recording of calls, Facebook posts, Skype, and so on. You will also get the basic information about the device you monitor, such as OS and its version, available memory, battery life, and some other.

According to the aforementioned, you will have plenty of various data to monitor, so it is truly important that everything remains well-organized and arranged in an orderly way. For instance, all texts, as well as phone records, will be presented in columns sorted by date. There, you will also see the message type, namely received or sent, and action. A high-level spy app will meet these requirements, therefore your user experience will be enjoyable yet useful.

The GPS tracking menu gives you the location of the monitored gadget on a Google Map: a red pointer on the map and a full address. However, do not get confused if the phone happens to be located in the lake or in the forest because the tracking accuracy is about 50 feet for most apps. The program constantly updates information, but some time lag still appears.

To conclude, popular spy apps can make you feel like an owner of the tracked smartphone. You will have a full report of how the true owner has used the device. With all that data, you will make better decisions and consider some vital nuances that you may miss otherwise.

Most business owners use spy software to record the phone calls. Remote cell phone spy apps provide call listings with the following information: phone number, call duration, type of the call (rejected, missed, outgoing, or received), call time, and action.

Note: The app will not show the caller’s name if it is not recorded at the aim phone’s contacts list.

Some More Easter Eggs

The first Easter egg is the capacity to command a goal cell phone. To put is simply, you can monitor and also perform some actions using the device that you are watching. Some nice options are listed below:

  • Stealth Camera: Most users adore this option, which is taking a picture using the camera on a goal phone without contact with the device and then viewing it in your online profile from anywhere.
  • GPS update: You can update the occurrence of a goal gadget by using this command without waiting until the scheduled upload of the address takes place.
  • Remote installation monitoring: The app identifies what software is installed on an aim device and creates such a list (usually, with versions of apps). Another command – Remote Uninstall – gives you the possibility to install a particular app without the phone owner’s permission.
  • Lock a device: Locking a device if it is stolen is a useful option. This increases the security and helps prevent data loss.
  • Unlock a device: You can also unlock a target phone remotely.

Note: More commands with clarification can be found on tech forums, in apps reviews, and on the official app sites.

Another convenient feature is turning on or off anything from your Dashboard, the access to the phone is not required for this and no additional software installation is needed.

Now, this guide has provided the information helpful to pick a spy app, purchase it, and get started. The choice is wide for both newbies and experienced geeks who need to gain more from the spy applications. Fortunately, something like Pro Version of Appmia can keep up with any requirements.

The aforementioned options open new possibilities. Every person can get the data he or she needs to make informed decisions and win in different everyday situations, either they are related to family or work relationship.

So, if you surmise your teen drinking and skipping classes, you can check this information without communicating with him or her. You will not question your kid directly and avoid a quarrel and offense, but at the end you will have the evidence to either refute or reaffirm your suspicion.

If your secretary seems to share confidential business information, a cell phone spy app will give you arguments. No guesses and second thoughts, you will have call records and texts to decide what actions are reasonable and necessary in a given situation.

Stop ruining your private life feeling jealous and envious. If your partner is dishonest with you, a spy app will help you find that out.  Anyway, some more information and facts about your spouse may help you fix everything for mutual benefit.

So, take control and employ all the pros of using a mobile spy software while using the right options for your situation.

Getting Knowing Top Spy Cell Phone Apps

Obviously, Google search will provide you will millions of results when you seek a cell phone (mobile) spy program. There are many qualitative expert reviews, but every one of them includes the top players, those that all users should be familiar with.

The top software has every feature mentioned earlier, but they are the winners in the category of the right balance of cost, usability, and user experience. Another important nuance that some of those applications have no monthly subscriptions which is very helpful. Moreover, some of them have no additional costs at all. Isn’t it great?

Choice #1: Appmia

For more information look through their informative site or read the independent reviews, such as the one provided here.

Choice #2: Auto Forward Spy

This is a fast app both in terms of tracking devices and in terms of gaining popularity among people. The developers created a product that can be upgraded (matching the demand of the users) and they keep trying to make it better every day. Reviews about its new features appear now and then, so you can find a lot about it.

So, what about the latest edition? Auto Forward Spy has become even more friendly. They have packed it with advanced features that even a beginner can benefit from. Today, the app seems like the top choice for many reviewers, including pros from CNN and TechCrunch, and this choice is sound. You may find it helpful to look through a comprehensive report prepared by TechCrunch. To sum up, research, planning, and hard work did a great job so that the app has become not just-another-spy software but a true leader.

So, what can we add? Definitely, it is fast and easy to install and get started, regardless the version you use. By the way, you can pick either a jailbreak or a no-jailbreak one. Both versions have remarkable abilities to upload information from a target phone. The reporting format is also worth mentioning among the key advantages of the program, as it is really reader friendly.

The list of Auto Forward Spy functionality options is long but worth looking through:

  1. Monitoring and recording SMSs and iMessages, the texts appear in the order they are received/sent; the access to the deleted content is also provided.
  2. Tracking the device live, e.g. location is updated every 10 minutes and you can request location at the moment by using a corresponding command.
  3. Getting access to Facebook, Skype, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media profiles.
  4. Monitoring and filtering calls, e.g. getting a history of outgoing and incoming calls even if some of the calls were deleted from a goal device.
  5. Taking pictures using a monitored smartphone camera from a remote location by commanding that device to do so.
  6. Getting access to all multimedia files created on a target phone, including pictures, audio and video files.
  7. Monitoring browser history by getting details related to user’s browsing activities, e.g. a list of visited websites, a number of visits, etc.

For more arguments to try this app, apart of the 7 aforementioned, check the following possibilities. One of the most impressive features is getting a search alert so that you will get a notification when a particular search term is searched on the goal device. This option is highly appreciated by parents. They also appreciate a Block Application feature so that their children cannot install endless number of games on their phones anymore.

Another big plus of using Auto Forward Spy is providing a phone customer support. So, you may call during business hours five days a week and actually talk to someone trained to help you. The help request form is available 24/7 and they are quick to respond. You may also find helpful a detailed How-It-Works guide on their website.

Choice #3: Easy SPY

Another capable spy app in our top-three is Easy SPY. This program can also do almost everything you could think about. This piece of software is simply amazing because it uses an advanced programming code that ensures productivity and efficiency of the app operation. Most apps reduce the battery use of a mobile phone, some of them – up to 50 %, but Easy SPY is so lightweight that it has almost no effect on the battery life that is amazing and very helpful.

Another important aspect is that the program uses a call recording system that other companies do not use. The problem here is that in most cases such recording is illegal, so companies often provide limited services to prevent legal complications. Usually, you need another party to consent to record the call or else you may face legal issues, which is not possible for obvious reasons.

Some of the brilliant features that both the users and experts highlight include:

  • Monitoring all text messages, including new, old, and even deleted. The logs include full text, phone number of a sender and receiver, and time of the message (iMessage) exchange. Moreover, iMessages on iPhones are also monitored.
  • Identifying location using GPS positions which are uploaded at a selected time interval. You can capture an activity of the goal device within a couple of minutes of actual change of location.
  • Blocking URL is a feature that provides you with a list of every website address visited using the smartphone’ browser, time and date when they were accessed, and how many times they were accessed.
  • Providing live support via the phone and the Support webpage on their site.

The program provides impressive functionality when it comes to trace contacts lists, email exchange, social networking, multimedia activities, and using a Live Control Panel. This software masterpiece is something worth your time.

This guide contains suggestions on how to employ cell phone spy applications, what software to check, and how to improve your user experience. However, only two important things are vital for you here. First, know what data you are in need to obtain and why you actually want to analyze it. Second, select an appropriate program from this review and just try it.

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