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eScan Review

Escan now compatible with windows 10

Link to their website:

What We Like

  • Great feature variety: eScan Mobile allows you to access nearly every feature required to tap an Android device, including block features;
  • Customer support: whenever you have questions or issues with eScan Security mobile application, you can take them to the customer support by sending in a request – you will receive the answer shortly and in full;
  • Usability: it doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced mobile user or just got the app – you’ll have zero problems with tapping a device thanks to the clever and convenient design;
  • Supported languages: the languages supported by eScan Mobile range from English, French and German to Japanese, Vietnamese, and Russian. Romanian, Turkish, and Spanish users can also use the app in their native language.

What We Didn’t Like

  • We’ve put great effort into our eScan review, but, no matter how hard we looked, we couldn’t find any flaws within the application. Sure, the price of the software will be a disadvantage for some users, but, in our opinion, the quality of the application and the ability to effortlessly block any content makes up for it.

Introduction to eScan Mobile Security for Android

eScan Main MenuWhat better way to start our eScan review than with a short intro? eScan is an app designed specifically for an Android device. It helps you protect your device against all kinds of cyber threats, including viruses and malware, which are getting more and more aggressive. If you want to thoroughly protect your data against any possible breach, especially in case you lose your device or it gets stolen, eScan Security application is exactly what you need.

One of the most popular security uses for eScan is tracking down the location of your device or alert you when the phone is stolen. As soon as you realize your device is gone, you can send an SMS command and either start the alarm, wipe the data from the phone, trace its location, or block the device altogether. The perpetrator will then try to unlock your device, and, after a couple of unsuccessful attempts, the camera app will capture his face, sending a photo to your email.

Another important feature is the mobile parental control that allows you to block access to certain applications and websites all around the device that you wouldn’t be able to block otherwise. In case the SIM card of the device has been changed, you will get a notification as well. Finally, your security will be protected in case of an emergency situation: specify an emergency contact and an SMS will be sent to it if you tap the power button or shake the phone from 3 to 5 times.
Price for eScan for 1 year: $61.95.
Cost of eScan

Why Do I Need eScan Mobile On An Android Device?

The biggest reason why eScan gets installed on numerous Android mobile phones is the security. eScan Security includes a variety of useful functionality available at a tap of the finger. Here are some of the most noteworthy features:

  • Anti-virus: real time protection plus scheduled scanning;
  • Data backup: don’t lose any of your valuable information;
  • Anti-theft: do the most in case your device gets stolen – wipe the data, locate the phone, and block it remotely;
  • Parental control: block chosen websites and applications plus block calls and sms;
  • Backup: regularly save a copy of your valuable data;
  • Personal security: in case of an emergency, send an SMS specifying your location to a given number;
  • 24/7 professional customer support: get help from the technical staff whenever you need it.

System Requirements and Installation Guide

Before you install eScan Mobile to an Android device, make sure the target phone supports the application and meets the following requirements listed in our eScan review:

  • Android 2.2 and above operating system;
  • 10 to 15 MB of free storage space;
  • Constant Internet connection;
  • NOTE: rooted Android devices are not supported.

If you’ve come to our eScan review to find out how to install the app, you will be happy to know that the installation can be carried out in three simple steps.

  1. Open Play Store and use the search line to find “eScan Mobile Security”; tap to download the app;
  2. Alternatively, download the Android version of eScan in an .apk file directly to your phone;
  3. Tap the downloaded file to complete the installation.

Once you have installed eScan, you’ll need to activate the application by entering the license key. The license key will be emailed to you as soon as you purchase the software. You can also activate the program via SMS: the only difference between the two activation modes is that while SMS activation takes up to 48 hours, activation via the Internet will happen immediately. Besides the license key, you will also need to provide your email, full name, and country.

We’d like to note in our eScan review that if you’d like to test the application before committing to buy it, you can try it thanks to the Free Trial mode. The trial mode is available for 14 days since the activation and doesn’t require you to post a license key. You can activate it online. One more thing to note: when you first launch the app on your device, you will be asked to set a secret code containing between 4 and 16 digits that will later be used for security checks.


eScan Anti-virus ScreenEnsure complete security of your mobile phone with the help of eScan Pro anti-virus feature. It will run in the background of your phone, performing security scans of any mobile applications you download. You can also set scheduled checks to always stay 100% protected. There are three scan modes: full scan, folder scan, and memory scan. Don’t forget to turn on automatic updates to never miss an important update.

Parental Control

Use this feature to block access to unwanted content on any Android device. Block certain websites, applications, and anything else you want to restrict access to. There is a wide variety of filters that you can set according to your own needs. You can block applications installed on the target phone altogether, creating an Exclusion List for allowed apps, or block them one by one. If you want to block websites, you can do it in different categories. There is also an option to create an Exclusion List and block any apps that are not on this list.

Call and SMS Filter

eScan Call and SMS MonitoringThis feature allows every eScan Pro user to filter and block incoming calls and SMS based on different parameters. For example, you can create a White List of contacts and only allow the target device to receive calls and SMS from preapproved numbers. The Black List lets you do the opposite and block SMS and calls from unwanted contacts. There is also an eScan Pro feature that allows you to block calls and SMS from all non-numeric numbers. Once you’ve set up the SMS and call block filters, you can tap the Event Log to see the filtered calls and SMS.

Anti-Theft Feature

If you’re worried about your mobile phone getting stolen, eScan can help you feel more secure with a special set of functionality. With the help of eScan Pro your device will have a much better chance of getting recovered or, at least, making sure your data doesn’t go in the wrong hands. With just a tap or two on the screen you can remotely block your mobile device, erase all the data from the phone, find out the whereabouts of the device even if the SIM card has been changed, and make the phone release a continuous loud signal after it receives an SMS command. Send another SMS command to stop the signal.

Personal Protection

In case you run into an emergency situation and you have your mobile device with you, use eScan Pro to send an SOS SMS message to a specified contact. The SMS will contain your location data. There are several ways to send an SOS SMS. First, you can tap the power button from 3 to 5 times. Second, you can shake the phone and tap the “Send SMS” button to finish sending out the message.


If you’ve come across our eScan review in a hope to find a decent tracking application, you’ve come to the right place. The bottom line is that it’s a great mobile app that has a variety of features. Whatever feature you can think of is probably already in this application. Advanced security mechanisms, full mobile capability, an option to block numbers, block SMS, block access to websites and apps is not a very common feature today. If you care about your security or want to take care of your loved ones’ app use, calls or SMS, use this eScan review as a recommendation. When dozens of important security mobile features are available at a single tap of the screen, you know it’s a great app!


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