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Cell Phone Spy Buying Guide

If you are looking for a help to spy on a person – mobile software could be a perfect variant. Modern spy tools and apps make it possible to track all mobile activities and location. Spy software turns one’s cell phone into your spying tool, isn’t it comfortable?

When you need it

There could be thousands of reasons when spy software would help. But main reasons are:
– Parental control. It’s very comfortable to monitor actions and location of children and teenagers using spy software. Many parents use it to maintain better safety and protection for their children. Monitoring your children under 18 is legal.
– Corporate use. Spy software is often used to monitor employees. It helps to see whether people who work for a company stay on their working place and spend their working time on right things. For making it legal, you should inform your workers, except those cases if you hand them corporate cell phone that formally belongs to owner of the company.

How to choose

There are several important reasons for choosing a spy software that will work perfectly for you. They are:

  • Compatibility with device (Android or IOS, type and model of a cell phone);
  • Features and functions that are available;
  • Usability and client’s support service;
  • Pricing;
  • Guarantees;
  • Physical access;
  • Internet connection;
  • Confidentiality.


First thing what you shall pay attention at is if spy software works well on a target device. Check the operative system of a phone. Commonly, it’s Android or IOS, less often – Symbian, Windows Mobile or BlackBerry.

Сheck the information on an official site of program producer to know if software will work properly is to In the case you still having problem, contact support team – it will also be a nice chance to check how they work if you plan to buy software on the site.

In most cases Apple devices shall be jailbroken, while devices with another OS – not. Some apps are able to spy after Iphone without jailbreak but their features are quite limited.

Features and Functions

Please put in your mind that not all spy programs are the same. Some of them are very simple, others are complexed or advanced with unique or rare functions.
While checking features of each spy software make sure that it works with your operative system and a cell phone model. Some features are known to be problematic for certain phone. If you hesitate, apply to client’s support.

Usability and Client’s Support

Your comfort of using a software starts from using a site of a producer. If the site is understandable and has enough useful information like: video tutorials, instructions, FAQ etc. –  good chance that the program itself is also quite user-friendly. Pay attention if it’s possible to have a direct chat or call with support team when you need help, if they speak your language and if their working hours are comfortable for you.


In a world of spy software high price is not necessarily high quality. It’s wise to choose a product with a good balance of positive feedback and regulated price. Pay attention at list of features that software has – as there is no point to pay more for features that you will never use.


As there is always a risk that purchased software will not satisfy you, check if the seller offers any ways to solve the situation. Some suppliers will gladly refund your money in the case the software won’t work well, others will return certain sum under certain conditions.
Another important fact is that many companies with positive feedback and image are ready to offer 100% refund as they are absolutely sure in quality of their products – so you will not waste your money in the case you have a problem with an app.

Physical access

You can spy on a phone after a physical access to it only or without even seeing it – depends on software. Some apps need your access to a phone one time only,  others need you to update the software regularly on a target phone.

Internet access

Most spying software needs internet access to perform normally. Make sure that the device you are about to monitor is connected to internet.


Some software programs can be used only after they are indicated on a screen of a target phone. If you plan to use a program secretly – make sure the owner of the phone will not be informed by an icon or notification.

At the end

Choosing spy software program is not a very easy task, but when you know what to look at there are more chances to buy product that you will be satisfied with.

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