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Auto Forward Review

Auto Forward Review

Link to their website:

The Good: Ideal for inexperienced users, with effortless download and installation. Live customer support with professional and knowledgeable staff. No physical access to the auto phone needed.

The Bad: No support for geo-fencing. No Viber monitoring capabilities.

The Bottom Line: A solid choice for beginners who are looking for quick results with no hard work. Plus, it’s fairly affordable.

What is Auto Forward?

When it comes to cell phone monitoring software, a lot of experts in the field claim there is no better option than Auto Forward. One of its best features is its wide compatibility: you can use it with all kinds of Android devices, as well as dozens of Apple models, including iPhones (starting from iPhone 5) and iPads. What draws a lot of users towards Auto Forward is their No-Jailbreak offer that we’ll cover later in this review.

Another thing that deserves recognition is the Auto Forward’s pricing models, because no one wants to waste thousands of dollars, no matter how good the software might be. Well, luckily for customers who understand the value of money, Auto Forward can be purchased for as little as $69.99 for a lifetime licence. There are no monthly payments or extra charges – what you pay for initially is exactly what you get.

With the exception of Auto Forward and a couple of other similar products, a lot of auto phone spy software companies charge you a monthly fee instead of a one-time payment, and that can be quite a burden on your budget. And keep in mind that cancelling your subscription plan can be much more difficult than signing up for one. If you have long term plans for your spying software, than consider this program as your top choice. Besides, the Free Lifetime Upgrades feature will let you always use the latest version of the product with no extra fee.

Auto Forward for Android

Prices for Android: 1 month – $29,99; 1 year – $359,98
Cost of Auto Forward Android

It’s clear that the monitoring software market for Android mobile devices is more diverse than it is for iOS devices, but even with the variety of various programs it’s clear that Auto Forward app wins in every regard. In addition to the wonderfully easy installation and use, this auto cell phone app lets you perform a whole range of features that no other app on the market can offer. Not only does it offer excellent text message and calls monitoring capabilities, but you can also track the target user’s web history, social media use, GPS location, videos and photos taken with the device, and even deleted messages – all of the data is just a couple of clicks away from you once you get the phone number tracking.

Auto Forward for Apple devices

Prices for IPhone: 1 month – $29,99; 1 year – $359,98;
Cost of Auto Forward IPhone

iOS devices have always been notoriously harder to monitor than Android auto cell phones; most importantly, due to the need to jailbreak the device before any kind of monitoring software devices could be installed, which put a lot of potential customers off the idea of tracking someone’s mobile device – not everyone is ready to jailbreak an iPhone or even has the means to do it. Auto Forward makes a big difference in this process by offering every customer its No-Jailbreak program. Thanks to this feature jailbreaking the mobile device or even having constant physical access to it is no longer necessary, which means that the spying capabilities of Auto Forward are now open to more users than ever. Here are three biggest reasons why you should consider this program:

  1. No immediate access to the device needed.
  2. Jailbreak is not required.
  3. Get all the information you need without the fear of getting caught.

It’s also worth mentioning that Auto Forward is one of the only spying apps that keep in touch with new versions of iOS. Currently it works perfectly with iOS 9.2 and 9.3, which gives you the opportunity to spy even on the devices that regularly update their OS. Mix it together with a wide range of supported Apple devices, and it’s clear that there is virtually no iOS phone or tablet you can’t monitor using Auto Forward.

How to Start Using Auto Forward

After your transaction is completed, you receive an email with the information needed to start operating Auto Forward. This includes your license key, username and password, and a download link. We recommend using the Over-The-Air download method, but you can choose another method you find convenient. Generally, the setup process is finished in three easy steps:

  1. Download the app using the Over-The-Air method and.
  2. Activate the software using the license key from the email.
  3. Enter the target phone number and get access to all kinds of data from your computer or cell phone.

It’s safe to say that a lot of people have at least considered using spying software, but were scared off by the complicated installation process and use. Good news for these users – there is nothing complicated about Auto Forward. Simply download the app, install it on the target phone, activate, and immediately find the data you’re looking for.

How Does Auto Forward Work?

As soon as you download and activate the app, the data will start appearing in your account. There is so much you can monitor, from text messages to phone calls and from GPS location to various media. To view the information, enter your username and password. You can open your account on any device, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Auto Forward features

  • Calls Recording: Auto Forward Spy get call logs with timestamps and phone numbers, as well as phone call recordings.
  • Texts messages and SMS spying: access every text message sent or received by the user, including the messages that have been immediately deleted.
  • GPS tracking: get real-time updates on where the target phone is at the moment.
  • Media: view every photo and video taken with the help of the device, as well as downloaded photos and videos.
  • Monitor email: read inbox and sent emails and see the email addresses of the correspondents.
  • Browsing history data: find out which web addresses were opened from the target phone.
  • Remote uninstall: uninstall the app from a device at any given moment by simply sending a text message to the target device.
  • Remote locking: in case the phone is stolen or lost, lock it remotely to ban access from third parties.
  • Hidden camera: use the camera on the target device to discreetly take pictures.
  • Social media use: find out which social media websites are used on the target phone and what kinds of activity there are.
  • App use: discover which apps are installed on the device and which are being currently used.
  • Statistics: get all kinds of additional information, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi status, IMEI number, and battery stats.
  • Access contacts: get access to all of the names, phone numbers, email address contained on the target device.
  • Observe all activities: Auto Forward Spy gives you the access in real-time through any device with the Real-Time Control Panel. Track everything you need – chat messages, calls, text messages instantly.

Supported devices

iOS: iPhone (starting from iPhone 5 and up to iPhone 6S Plus) and iPad (all models).

Android: All versions of Android on devices from HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, LG, Sanyo, and so on.


You’ll get access to a detailed dashboard with all kinds of information and data displayed there. On the left you’ll find the reports divided in sections, and on the right you can view the information in detail – for example, text messages or call logs.

GPS tracking is displayed in a separate window with a map and the current position of the target device, as well as a detailed GPS location history.


If you’re an auto cell phone spying beginner with a fairly simple objective, Auto Forward may be the perfect choice for you. Monitor the activity of your employees or children without going through a difficult installation process or wasting thousands of dollars – pay once and get a lifetime license. Affordability + easy use = an excellent spying program, 5/5!

Link to their website:


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