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Appmia Review

Appmia Review: spy on any mobile phone or tablet right now!

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The Good: No jailbreak or constant access to the target device required. Live customer support from Appmia staff. One-time licence plus free lifetime updates. Excellent choice for Apple devices.

The Bottom Line: A great and affordable solution both for beginners and experienced users. The $69 price tag is hard to beat, especially considering the free upgrades.

What is Appmia?

Appmia is one of the leading cell phone monitoring solutions in the market right now. This app makes monitoring Android and Apple cell phones and tablets easy. With the No-Jailbreak option (more on that later) and no requirements to physically access the device it’s no wonder Appmia has gotten so popular.

Before making a commitment to one monitoring app, it’s important to review the advantages and drawbacks of particular software, and this is exactly why we’re here. Thanks to our objective and helpful reviews you won’t have to try every app yourself or make a guess when it comes to picking the right app. Study our review of Appmia and make an educated choice!

It’s important to mention that Appmia comes with a lifetime licence, one-time payment, zero monthly charges, and constant customer support from employees who know everything about the product. This is a welcome change from the previous generation of monitoring apps that were only offered with a monthly fee, and as we all know, subscribing for a service is way easier than cancelling your subscription, which is why it’s best to avoid this distribution model altogether.

Appmia for iOS Devices

We’ve reviewed Appmia in every possible way with Apple devices, and we came to the conclusion that currently there is no better option for customers who are interested in spying on iPhones. Thanks to the No-Jailbreak technology spying on Apple phones and tablets is easier than ever. And although similar capabilities are offered by a couple of other monitoring apps, we’ve found that none of them work as good as Appmia spy.

There are two major benefits to Appmia compared to other programs on the market: the ability to work with no jailbreak and no required possession of the device for the spy mobile software to work properly. In addition to that, Appmia offers a fairly large selection of monitoring features, which include phone number tracking, text messages, calls, GPS tracking, social media activity, web history, media, and so on.

Noteworthy Capabilities of No-Jailbreak Appmia

  • Texts + iMessage – monitor sent and incoming texts in real time, even the deleted ones;
  • Call recordings – get clear recordings of the calls made with the device (+ numbers and timestamps);
  • Emails – track inbox and sent emails, including the additional data;
  • GPS location – find out in real time the location of the target device and view the location history with Google Maps;
  • Browsing history – learn which websites were opened on the target device and what kind of information was entered there;
  • Photos and videos – view every piece of media taken with the device or downloaded to it.

These are just a few of the capabilities you get with Appmia for iOS. As you can see, the lack of jailbreak or physical possession of the phone doesn’t stop Appmia users from accessing the full range of monitoring features. As for supported devices, you’ll be pleased to know that all iPads and iPhones (starting from iPhone 5) with any version of the iOS are currently supported by the app.

How to Start Using Appmia on iOS

Your user experience begins with the download – we recommend getting the app via Over-The-Air link, which means there is no cable connection required and the download and installation won’t take more than a few minutes. As soon as the app is downloaded and installed, you’ll get full access to the data from the target device. Use your desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet to view the information. Keep in mind that no physical access to the target phone is needed.

Appmia for Android

While Appmia is an excellent choice for Apple devices, its Android capabilities are also remarkable. We have tested dozens of Android monitoring apps, and Appmia ranks among the top 3. The download and installation process is no different from iOS and is equally easy. Once the setup is complete, you will start getting the information you’re looking for. At the moment every Android device and every version of Android OS are supported.

Android Appmia Features

  • Texts: access messages exchanged through the device, including messages deleted right after they were sent or received.
  • Call records: get a detailed history of outgoing and incoming calls and record any calls you need.
  • GPS location: find out where the target phone is at any given moment with a 50ft radius.
  • Web history: see every web address visited from the target phone.
  • Stealth listening device: listen to phone surroundings whenever you need without getting caught.
  • Media files: get a detailed view of every photo and video captured by the phone or sent to it.
  • Social media and messaging apps: find out which services are being used and monitor conversations in the most popular apps, including Viber, WhatsApp, and Wechat.
  • Remote lock and uninstall: delete the app from the phone remotely and block external access to the device in case it is lost or stolen.

Device Compatibility

  • Apple: iPhone 4 and higher, all versions of iOS;
  • Android: All devices and all versions are supported;
  • Countries: Compatible with every country settings;
  • Carriers: Every cell phone carrier is supported.

Customer Service

Compared to other popular monitoring apps on the market, the availability of live customer support offered by Appmia is a huge advantage. If you have questions or concerns that need to be answered immediately, there is no better way to do it than through customer support. Appmia employs a very knowledgeable support staff that can be accessed through the 800-number and is always ready to help you with the product.

Other Advantages

One of the biggest benefits of Appmia is a toll-free customer support number, but that’s not all it has to offer. Another major advantage is the lack of monthly fees – the amount of money you initially pay gets you a lifetime license with free updates and support. If you’ve ever tried unsubscribing from a subscription service, you already know that the onetime payment model is much more convenient than the subscription model. And the lifetime upgrades allow you to get the latest and most refined version of Appmia with no additional fee.

Monitoring Dashboard

With Appmia you get a very convenient dashboard that displays all the information you need in one neat place. Navigate through different types of monitoring data on the left and get a detailed view on the right. Access texts, call records, GPS location, media, social media data, stats, and much more, from your dashboard.

How Much does it Cost?

Appmia is distributed at a set fee of $99.99 per 12 months with no extra charges, whether it’s monthly fees or paid upgrades. With the amount of features offered and the affordability, Appmia is one of the top choices when it comes to monitoring software.

Prices for spy software Appmia

Do We Recommend Appmia?

It’s fair to say that the variety of features offered by Appmia can be found in several other monitoring apps, so while the range of capabilities in this software is impressive, it is not unique. However, there are two very strong advantages that make Appmia such a smart choice. First, it’s the comprehensive and free customer support that is able to immediately address your every concern. Second, it’s the unbeatable price with no additional charges. Considering all of this, we can honestly recommend Appmia to every category of customers, as a superior service is impossible to find.

Link to their website:


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