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FlexiSpy Review

FlexiSpy Review

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The Good: A wide range of features that cover all of your needs in cell phone monitoring, including call records, which can be illegal depending on your location.

The Bad: Pricing. The most complete version of FlexiSpy spy app retails at $349, which is a lot, compared to other spy phone apps in the market.

The Bottom Line: The price tag may not be reflective of the features offered by FlexiSpy mobile. You can find similarly built spy mobile software for a lot less.

What is FlexiSpy app?

Although the price separates FlexiSpy mobile from its competitors, it is still worth mentioning. The overall functionality and performance of the cell phone tracking are on par with the most popular extreme monitoring software in the market, but it’s up to you to decide whether that functionality and stability justifies the surprisingly high price. Plus, FlexiSpy mobile tracker is fairly difficult to install and use, unlike many other apps. You can get applicable FlexiSpy in Extreme and Premium version. Here is what tools you get with Premium:

  • Texts
  • Call logs, but not call recordings
  • Calendar and notes
  • Contacts
  • Social media extreme monitoring
  • Media files
  • Browsing history

As you can see, Premium looks like a decent offer in terms of capabilities. However, if you take price into account (which is $149.00), you’ll realize there are several other options you can go for without overpaying but while still enjoying the same features. We’re mainly talking about Auto Forward and Highster Mobile here.

  • 1 month – $68;
  • 3 months – $99;
  • 1 year – $149.


  • 3 month – $199;
  • 1 year – $349.

Cost of Flexispy

We’ve done some extensive testing and can now say that all of the advertised features and tools of FlexiSpy Premium work as intended, although there are occasional bugs. Text messages were a bit slow while uploading on the spying phone, and there were some faults with the displaying of the GPS location – the actual location was over a mile away from the position displayed by the app.

Extreme version, which is installed on spying phone, gives you every single feature available with Premium, plus the ability to record phone calls and listen to the phone surrounding. However, be prepared to pay for this functionality, as Extreme version costs an incredible $349.00. Of course, if money is no concern for you, you can easily justify paying that price, but for the rest of us it’s a tough choice to consider.

There are a couple of important features missing from both Premium and Extreme versions. First, don’t expect any remote blocking capabilities. Second, you won’t be able to know if there is any inappropriate content in the target device.


If you’re wondering whether we can recommend FlexiSpy or not, the answer is yes, but in a limited manner. For example, we believe that if you don’t have enough experience with technology in general and spying apps in particular, you may be better off getting a more understandable piece of phone spy software. Plus, if you’re looking for extended capabilities, FlexiSpy spy app is hardly the perfect choice for you, as its features are rather standard. And, last but not least, the price tag is another thing that can easily scare the customers away – the $349 price for Extreme package is not something everyone can afford. Overall, we’ll give FlexiSpy application a 7/10 rating.

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