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Easy Spy Review

Easy Spy Review

Link to their website:

The Good: As the app’s name tells us, it’s fairly simple to use – perfect for beginners and casual users.

The Bad: Limited functionality compared to the more advanced apps. If you’re looking for more features, consider one of other recommended apps.

The Bottom Line: Reliable service with a limited range of features that does exactly what it promises to.

What is Easy Spy?

Easy Spy is a cell phone monitoring software with an established position in the market and a decent range of functions that can satisfy the average user but will leave a more advanced user looking for more. Designed with simplicity in mind, Easy Spy will never be too much trouble when it comes to downloading, installing, or using the app. You can install in a variety of methods – particularly, through Over-The-Air technology or by connecting the target device directly to your computer with the help of a cable or Bluetooth technology.

Although Easy Spy cannot rightfully compete with the leading software in the spying industry, it still offers a complete variety of features most users are looking for. Among the categories of users that will find the app especially useful are parents, who in this digital age have so much to worry about. Online predators, inappropriate texting, using cell phones during class – there are a lot of things to look out for, and Easy Spy offers just enough capabilities for that kind of monitoring.

What You Should Know

Although Easy Spy supports most platforms and device models, there are certain features that are currently unavailable for Windows Mobile and Symbian devices. Of course, these platforms are not as widespread as Android and iOS, but you still need to keep that limited support for certain platforms in mind.

Overview of Easy Spy

When it comes to reliability, Easy Spy can easily compete with the most popular apps in the market, and if you take into account the affordable price of just $69.99, it’s clear that even if certain features are missing from the Easy Spy capabilities range, it is still a decent choice for a wide category of customers, including parents and employers.

Easy Spy Capabilities

  • Call logs and records – hear the conversations with numbers and timestamps.
  • Texts – read messages exchanged through the phone, including the deleted texts.
  • Emails – get your hands on the letters sent from and to the device with addresses and names.
  • GPS data – find out where the target phone is at any given moment.
  • Media files – never miss a single photo or video stored on the device.
  • Messaging and social media apps – get a complete idea what happens on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Viber, Wechat, WhatsApp, and other messaging apps.
  • Remote uninstall and lock – get the ability to remotely erase the app from the phone and lock the device in case of theft.

Device Compatibility

  • Apple: iPads, iPhones (starting from iPhone 4)
  • Android: every device and every OS version
  • Countries: complete support for every country
  • Carriers: every cell carrier is fully supported

Stability and Performance

Easy Spy is the perfect app for running in the background – it works in stealth mode, which means you’re at zero risk to be detected.

Live Support

Unlike many other monitoring apps, Easy Spy does not offer a live customer support with real operators ready to address your concerns. However, you can always file a ticket within the online support system and get an answer to your request within 24 hours.

How Easy is Easy Spy?

You can get the idea from the app’s name – Easy Spy is fairly easy to use, even if you have no prior experience with this kind of software. You don’t have to be an expert to get the most out of this app – just use your intuition to navigate through the software and you’re guaranteed to find the data you’re searching for.


While Easy Spy may not be our first choice of a monitoring app due to its limited functionality, we can still eagerly recommend it to users who are not looking for the most exquisite features and just want the basic spying features. Wide compatibility, affordable pricing, and reliable online customer support are enough to make this app a solid choice for an average user, particularly if you’re a concerned parent or employer.

Link to their website:

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